Standing Stone Farms, LLC
Paula Butler
1154 Lakewood Drive
Gallatin, Tennessee  37066

Home of the
 Nationally Recognized
Herd of Nubian Dairy Goats
~Standing Stone Nubians~


Where are your classes held (inside, outside, barn)? Our classes are held inside our home using most areas of the first floor, including the kitchen.

What time should I arrive for my class? I recommend arriving 10 minutes before your 

scheduled class time as this will give you plenty of time to park and get comfortable in your seat 

before the class starts. If you happen to arrive earlier, please feel free to visit with our small herd of 

Nubian goats until the front door is unlocked, approximately 10 minutes before the start of each scheduled class. If you are only running a few minutes late, please call us, as we don’t mind waiting for 5 – 7 minutes. If you are running late, and the class has already begun, please do come inside and quietly take a seat. During the break, feel free to come to me and ask for whatever information you might have missed. I will do my best to give you a quick catch up, depending on available time.

What should I wear? Wear clothes that are comfortable. The Full day class includes a visit with our beautiful herd of Nubian dairy goats and sometimes that might be a little chilly or a bit messy. With our hands-on classes, please wear comfortable shoes as we are working on a ceramic tile kitchen floor.

What are the main differences between the Full day “All-inclusive” and the “Basic” Beginner?  Having a full 6 hours together vs. 2 1/2 hours gives us time to learn many more details about cheese making, discuss troubleshooting, my preferred equipment, recipe variations and make several more cheeses.  In addition, the Full day “all-inclusive” includes our unique, extensive artisan cheese & charcuterie lunch that is BYOB.

Will I be making the cheese myself? No, except for our 2 day “hands-on” class and our "hands-on beginner" we have found that our classes work best as a mostly demonstration class.  However, you will be encouraged to come into the kitchen and feel the curds, cut the curd & mold the curd (if applicable to the cheese class) and get as involved as you would like to be.

May I taste the cheese that we make in class? Yes and No, unfortunately due to Tennessee state law you are not able to sample any of the raw milk products that we use on the farm.  We are however, able to taste any of the cheeses and products that we make from store bought cows milk.

May I take home cheeses that we make?  No, the cheese made during the class is for 

instructional use. Students are encouraged to handle the cheese during the class; therefore the 

cheese is not suitable for human consumption.

What is your Cancellation Policy? We require a 72 hour cancellation for our regular classes.  If you cancel within the 72 hour period you may reschedule your class without penalty. Our 2 Day workshop and all specialty workshops require a 96 hour cancellation.  Refunds are never offered on classes or workshops however, if you cancel within the cancellation period and choose not to reschedule your class/workshop you may use your credit towards any product sold from the farm including dairy goats.  If you do not cancel within the required period of time no refunds or credit is given unless, we were able to fill your seats with our wait list.

What are the best directions to use when coming to the farm? I have a PDF on the cheese making page of the Standing Stone website that provides the most accurate directions to the farm.  Please note that google maps and Iphone mapping will direct you to the wrong location!

Parking?  The classes are held at our private residence. The driveway is large enough to 

accommodate everyone’s car as long as folks use the space that is available. Please do not park 

or drive on the grass. If, upon arrival, you do not see a place to park, please ask for assistance.


How long do the ingredients last?  The kits contain a variety of ingredients that last between 12 months and 3 years.  Proper storage is very important for longevity and each product is labeled accordingly.

What else do I need to make cheese besides my kit?  You will need a thermometer, stainless steel, enamel or glass pot and a colander. Of course, there are many other items that you may want but these are the minimal requirements.

When will my kit ship?  Depending on the shipping method chosen or the type of purchase.   Kits purchased directly from Standing Stone Farms, generally ship within 24 hours, 2 day priority mail.  Kits purchased via deal sites will vary depending on the agreement with the featured deal.  Please review the deal or your voucher.

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